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New from Bayer, Calantic Digital Solutions is an orchestrated suite of AI applications that can automate routine radiology tasks so you can focus on quality of care. 

Calantic provides access to tools that support worklist priorization, detection, and quantification - with intuitive functionality tailored for specific diseases.

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What Makes Calantic Different?

Seamless Workflow Integration
Smooth workflow integration

Access all of your AI applications through a common user interface that resides in the standard PACS workflow. Apps from multiple vendors are accessible through a single convenient marketplace and have been vetted to operate in the Calantic Edge environment.

Improved efficiency and detection
By automating tasks and flagging time-critical or suspected findings. Minimize the risk of missing a finding and spend more time rendering diagnoses.
From a trusted partner

At the intersection of radiology and life science, Bayer helps you focus on disease-agnostic solutions. Our deep clinical expertise, focus on security and compliance, integration and technical support, and educational resources will help you scale to meet your needs.

Are You an AI Visionary?

Join the Calantic AI Visonary Program to help shape the future of radiology. You'll recieve:

  • Early access to new marketplace applications.
  • Reduced pricing and extra support.
  • Collaboration with a peer network of other AI Visionaries.
  • Invitations to Bayer's AI Visonary Summit.
  • Semi-annual reviews of Calantic's new apps and future enhancements.

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