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Sponsored Session
Generative AI - Reality and Expectation; A Discussion with Bayer and Google

Generative AI is a rapidly growing field with the potential to revolutionize a wide range of industries. In this presentation, you can discover several potential applications for generative AI in healthcare.
Dr. Ankur Sharma, Head of Medical Affairs Digital, Radiology, Bayer
Brendan Doohan, Customer Engineer, AI/ML, Generative AI, Google Cloud.

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RSNA Corporate Symposium
How Are You Igniting Your AI Strategy?
While AI holds tremendous potential to help aid in patient care and healthcare outcomes, premature deployment of technology, inherent bias in the data, lack of mature value-based payment models and the exponential rise in available AI technologies could lead to the decay of trust. Uncover key insights to help ignite your AI strategy and drive adoption of AI applications in radiology.
Moderator: Joana Reis, MD, PhD
Speakers: Franziska Lobig, M.Sc.; Ben Panter, PhD; Dr. Ryan K. Lee, MD, MBA; Dr. Orest Boyko MD, PhD.

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Thought Leadership
Regulatory Challenges in AI
Regulatory experts Hortense Allison (Head of Regulatory, Digital, Bayer), Gopal Abbineni, (Director of Global Regulatory Strategy, Bayer), and Dr. Jamie Chow (Clinical Lead, Blackford) discuss ways to address regulatory challenges.

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Sponsored Session
Igniting Your AI App Development
The future of delivering AI Software as a Medical Device (SaMD) lies in our ability to innovate and deploy apps swiftly. In this tech talk the speakers analyze how to build and scale radiology AI apps and leverage Bayer resources to ignite your development. Dr. Steffen Vogler, Principal Data Scientist, Bayer

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