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Unlocking the Value: Quantifying the ROI of Hospital AI

Healthcare providers prefer technologies with evidence of a strong bottom-line impact and a tangible near-term return on investment (ROI).

So far, there is limited evidence assessing how AI solutions affect outcomes important to patients and physicians.

This scientific paper shows how healthcare organizations can estimate the financial benefits and potential ROI associated with implementing an AI platform in their radiology departments.

Prateek Bharadwaj

"As the uptake of AI-powered solutions continues to grow, decision-makers are progressively looking for tools that can assess the benefits of such investments in terms of time, cost, and revenue, as well as in reducing provider burnout and enhancing patient outcomes.
By scrutinizing the entire care continuum – from the ordering of a scan, through diagnosis and treatment decisions – this newly developed calculator empowers hospitals and health systems to fully comprehend the advantages of incorporating these AI-driven solutions into their workflows."

Prateek Bharadwaj
Global Market Access Manager Radiology

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"Healthcare providers are facing an ever-increasing volume of diagnostic imaging needs, and radiologists are struggling to keep up with the growing demand. Solutions that incorporate AI technology may ultimately help ease the workload, optimize the work output and improve patient care."

Dr. Lauren Nicola
CEO of Triad Radiology Associates and member of the Board of Chancellors at the American College of Radiology

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