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Enhancing patient outcomes: the role of clinical utility in guiding healthcare providers in curating radiology AI applications

Digital diagnostics may have an effect on patient satisfaction, outcomes-based agreements, and quality measurements as value-based care continues to shift.

This scientific article provides guidance on the key themes to consider when selecting digital diagnostics based on clinical utility: 

  • Unmet clinical burden demands

  • Performance evaluation vs standard of care

  • Influence on patient management

  • Economic implications

Bayer author
Meet the Digitals

"There are so many FDA-cleared or CE-Mark approved AI applications in radiology already, so it is quite difficult to sort out which could be beneficial or not.
With our latest paper we are trying to give guidance on curation of these applications based on clinical utility. This is an attempt to establish a better understanding and a set of tools for healthcare providers who may be considering implementing AI. These AI applications can potentially play a role in impacting quality measures, outcomes-based agreements, and patient satisfaction."

Joana Reis, MD, PhD
Global Medical Affairs Senior Manager for Digital Radiology

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